How To Replace Rotted Bathroom Subfloor

How To Replace Rotted Bathroom Subfloor or simply how to replace a subfloor in bathroom or to accomplish an action of replacing subfloor in old house

Among our friends, somebody asks for some aid along with a bathroom repair that spoiled. It seems to be to become that the resources in their second-floor shower room were dripping so they switched the water off at the shutoff, also, to deal with the shower room dish. Afterward, they determined to improve the lavatory pan and went to bureaucracy to obtain a brand-new one. Due to the opportunity, they returned they monitored that the shutoff trickled a ton of water to stuff their bathroom and also begin dripping right into the washroom ceiling that levels below. When they detoxified everything up they found they had flooring dealing with rot around the restroom lip as well as are currently counting on to carry out the approach of replacing subfloor in the shower room under washroom so they might switch over out the dresser dish after. As well as you should realize how to repair subflooring or even in short how to do subfloor replacement.

bathroom floor repair water damage/replace bathroom subfloor

This is the most effective poor type of circumstance when you need to need to fix the water-damaged subfloor. You assume you are coping with something and likewise, it ends up being a great deal additional. In their instance, they were rather fortunate due to the reality that they located the problem rather quickly. The water damages to the drywall of the ceiling provided below were low. I would foresee that in the observing total week they are going to possibly find some drywall strip peal and additionally perhaps a nail or 2 stand apart however at the minimum the whole roof neglected to streamline.

Sadly, due to the fact that they need to must replace the bathroom subfloor around the cap lip that roofing may ask for ahead as much as finish the repair service and also review it from below.

It is going to also suggest replacing subfloor in an old house or even replacing subfloor in the restroom if it is ceramic tile over plywood along with a concrete underwriter door however if you have a mortar bed flooring traits just obtained a large amount even much worse.

If you require to repair subfloor under a mortar bedroom which is fundamental in more mature properties you might likewise consider carrying out a total remodel of bathroom if you intend to repair water damaged subfloor in addition to you require to know how to replace subfloor and even how to replace a rotted subfloor or merely how to repair water damaged subfloor. If your restroom goes to that aspect where your sink as well as likewise arrogance and also bathtub could use tweaking later when you ask for to tare up the mortar bed to look after the subfloor dealing with certainly there most definitely isn’t a significantly better option to perform it. You can quickly decrease in a fiberglass tub and also a brand new sink fairly straightforward contrasted to the flooring covering work you are most likely to undeniably be carrying out in investment to possess an all-new subfloor for bathroom.

If your property is new along with furthermore you have plastic cloth floor over a plyboard subfloor afterward the job is rather straightforward. Yes, you are going to still require to must substitute the vinyl fabric as well as also the plyboard yet you aren’t showing a dogsled hammer and even rotating drill along with a sculpt scalp taring up an in as well as a fifty percent of concrete mortar.

To replace subfloor originally remove conclusion up floor dealing with. Abiding by examine the subfloor to pick the number of needs to follow through. Any type of wood that is water ruined demand to emerge as properly as any type of that is darker should certainly seem. There is no emotion leaving lumber in addition to mold and mildew and mildew and also mold on the flooring along with refinishing the washroom.

To accomplish a subfloor replacement you need to must obtain subfloor plywood at your rep. Then, you will certainly require to must put in some 2 4’s for executing to the position you created. Install them 90 amounts to the joists where the brand-new flooring delights the old flooring. Presently you may adhesive and also likewise, nail or turn the subfloor to the joists.

If the floor is actually unequal you will definitely demand to use amounts of 1/8th inch cumbersome Luan Plywood to build the website afterwards deal with the entire subfloor in addition to slabs of luan for a level floor covering that you can conveniently install your wound up flooring ceramic floor tile or whatever you intend for your bathroom floor. At the moment you realize the procedure of replacing subfloor under toilet in bathroom so you may easily bring it out on your own if you possess a subfloor water damage yet professionals acknowledge better how to replace subfloor in bathroom.

Final Note

The project of replacing subfloor in the bathroom is going to be tiresome nonetheless certainly not exceptionally technical. Cement mortar bedrooms are actually where many people obtain caught considering that they carry out not comprehend specifically just how to eliminate all of them as well as today most professionals will not drift a whole restroom with mortar mattress they are going to just use it in the shower pot for optimal outcomes.

To do away with a mortar bed recommends lots of knocking its own just challenging task to divide it up. I have seen some experts utilize 1-inch rotating hammers to accomplish this work, as well as additionally others, are going to make use of a short sled hammer. It depends on your endurance.

When you finally come to reattaching components like your bathroom you might need to have to make some adjustments and recognize how to replace the bathroom floor. Much older residences might have a combination of PVC, Cast Iron as well as even lead pipeline in older homes. You might call for to take out the roof in the place below to receive as well as additionally help make replacements.

Certainly, you can ask just how much does it cost to replace a subfloor? Is this something you can do? Potentially, nonetheless, if you employ subfloor repair contractors expect to pay quite a good deal due to the fact that bathroom subfloor replacement cost is higher so doing it by yourself continues to be in your perk.


The primary perpetrator of a bathroom flooring failing is water damages at the base of the bathroom. A wax ring lies at the base of the commode that secures the link in between the bathroom and also the waste drainpipe line.

When these fall short, water harms the wood subfloor as well as bordering location, as well as eventually the flooring needs to be replaced. I’ve seen where water triggered so much damages that even areas of the flooring’s structural joists need to be eliminated and also changed.

You can constantly inform if the floor misbehaves by a bouncy or mushy sensation as you step on it. It might be only a matter of time prior to your foot experiences it! Depending upon the kind of floor coating, you will have to remove cement and/or removed a section. Make sure to remove the commode itself, then work your way out from the waste drainpipe pipeline, up until you reach strong subfloor product.

A circular saw with an adjustable rail that is set to ensure that it will not reduce right into flooring joists makes fast work of cutting a suitable straight line. As soon as you have actually cut your box shape, lift the piece out of the flooring with a crowbar. You then merely determine the area for a substitute item of plywood, usually 3/4 inches thick.

Caulk all gaps between the brand-new piece as well as the old floor. Make sure to set up a new wax ring when you put the toilet back right into location. Voila, by carrying out everything by yourself your house now has its own subfloor repair contractor.



1.Turn off water to the toilet

2. Eliminate the toilet bowl and also set aside.

3. Place cloth in waste pipe.

4. Get rid of any type of floor covering to reach the subfloor area.

5. Eliminate area of damaged subfloor.

6. Install a new section of subfloor.

7. Reinstall floor covering.

8. Set up a toilet with a brand-new wax ring.

Devices You’ll Require:

  • Safety Glasses

  • Hearing Security

  • Jig Saw

  • Circular Saw

  • Small Prybar

  • Hammer

  • Adjustable Wrench


  • Plywood Sheathing

  • Building and Construction Adhesive

  • Blue Tarpaulin

  • Wax Ring Kit

  • Cloths

  • Rubber gloves

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