Table pads for dining room table

Custom table pads for dining room tables

A dining-room table cover supplies the utmost in protection against scratches, cuts, dampness, damage, and also burns. A well designed and also built table cover also gives security versus mishaps and also damages from youngsters and also pet dogs. Custom table pads are, by a vast margin, the ultimate protection for your table.

Table pads for dining room table

Searching for a new table can be an amazing experience, that is up until the sticker label shock reminds you that you have a perfectly excellent table in the house that is still practical, otherwise lovely. If you’re currently looking for a substitute for your dining-room table, merely because its surface area is used or it lacks the gloss of days gone by, there’s a very cost-effective choice to buying brand-new furnishings.

Dining room table pad protector Make Sense

For a fraction of the cost of buying a brand-new table, you can buy Berger’s table pads that will bring back the beauty of your table as well as lengthen its life-span. Conceal old and also damaged table surfaces with our premium table pads that are developed to last a lifetime.

If your table is useful, a Berger’s pad will certainly allow you to continue using your table day in and day out, with no embarrassment when close friends or family members pertain to visit. Our 1/2″ table pads are made with a solid fiberboard core that holds up throughout the years, so your children and grandchildren can appreciate your furniture as high as you do.

Ultra Elite pads are suitable for day-to-day use as well as fine eating. Our half-inch pads protect fragile surfaces, vintages, and expensive furniture- as well as cover up old as well as damaged surfaces, so no person will ever before know that your table is anything much less than gorgeous.

Maintain Your Furnishings For Many Years to Come

If you’re like the majority of our consumers, you have far better things to do with your money than spend it on changing furnishings that is still 100% practical. Conceal your furnishings with Berger’s table pads and treatments to protect them for future generations.
Table pads for dining room tables can conserve you a significant quantity of money- and also given that they are made from superior products, they will last longer than other items you may be taking a look at. Connect to among our product reps with your concerns, for support gauging your table, or to ask for a product example. We’ll do whatever feasible to make the procedure a trouble-free experience for you. Use our Online Chat devices or call our office we’re open seven days a week.

Exactly how To Compute The Best Table Dimension For Your Room


It is a dining room table pads target. What is the exact table dimension you require to create aesthetic balance in your design?

Before beginning your furnishings search, you should compute the series of table sizes that can fit in your area based on style principles, which can vary between round, square and rectangle table sizes. Besides thinking about how many people you want to seat, your dining table size likewise requires to enable enough space for people to pass, fit a dining setting, as well as being proportional to the room dimension to produce aesthetic balance.
If you require a quote for a particular dining table dimension, when you call PAROTAS, we offer advice on the most effective table style for your area as well as seats needs. You can likewise review exactly how to compute the excellent chair and also table elevation, or see a list of typical bar as well as counter feces heights for dining room table pads target.


Calculate the minimum as well as maximum dining table dimension for your room measurements. Click to jump straight per section:
– Table size compared to area size
– Table dimension contrasted to carpet size
– Common dining table height as well as chair elevation
– Compute table dimension by seats
– 2 seater dining table dimension
– 4 seater dining table size
– 6 seater table dimension
– 8 seater dining table dimension
– 10 seater table dimension
– 12 seater table dimension
– Round, square as well as rectangle dining table sizes

Rectangular shape, oval, square and also rounded table dimensions – standard round table size, or not round.

Below is a table showing normal dining table dimension needs for every sort of dining table shape (not consist of common space). Space needed for dining table and chairs:

2 seater
eating table size4 seater
dining table size6 seater
dining table size8 seater
dining table size10 seater
eating table size12 seater
eating table size
Round dining table sizes in 2′ 6 ″.
Suitable: 3ft3ft (92cm).
4ft (124cm) 4′ 6 ″ (138cm).
5ft (152cm) 5ft (152cm).
6ft (183cm) 7ft (213cm).
8ft (244cm) 8ft (244cm).
9ft (274cm).

Rectangle/Oval table sizes2 × 2′ 6 ″ (62x76cm) 4x3ft (122x92cm) 6x3ft (183x91cm) 8 × 3′ 6 ″ (244x110cm) 10x4ft (305x120cm) 12 × 4′ 6 ″ (366x135cm. Round table 60 inches.

Square dining table sizes2′ 6 ″ (77cm) 3– 5ft (92cm) 4– 6ft (122cm) 6ft (183cm) 7ft (212cm) 8ft (243cm).

Area needed for chairs:
For 1 chair – 40×40 cm or 50×50 cm.

10 ft table seats how many, 8ft rectangle table, 6 ft table dimensions.

How do you spell dining room? The response listed below.

You actually can do custom table cover or dining table pad.

Custom Table Pads – dining-room table pads target

Don´t allowed dampness from a glass tarnish your table ´ s attractive coating. Bottlescrew and also serving utensils can quickly damage your table.
Serve right at the table without worrying about stains or food spills. Amuse without worry with Superior Table Pads on the table.

Athena Design table pads with Saddle vinyl top and also Ebony suede base.

Superior Protection for your Cherished Dining Table

Secret to amusing? Maintaining your cool. When it pertains to vacation dinner parties, you ‘ll want to enjoy yourself along with your guests. Don ´ t let a spill ruin your night. With table pads under the tablecloth, your gorgeous table will stay risk-free from spills, scratches, and stains.

Table pads are made as a collection of two pieces for the main table with additional pieces for the leaves or extender boards. This table has rounded ends as well as the pads are custom-made made to fit the form specifically.

Athena style table pads (photo above) with Saddle vinyl top and Ebony suede-like fabric base.

Table Pads for each Day


Tabletop pads are best for any type of hectic house. Now you can utilize your table for casual eating as well as for games, crafts, research or computer systems.
Get full use of your dining room or family room table with table pads protecting the surface. Suit your table and also decor from our vast option of colors.
Victoria Style table pads (picture above) Sandalwood plastic top and also Brownish Duravel base.

Gorgeous Protection for All of Your Dining Surfaces

It´s clear that dining-room tables are vulnerable to scrapes, dents, warmth damages and also water damage, yet table fabrics can be trouble and lightweight plastic treatments can look downright hideous! Superior Table Pads will efficiently shield your eating surfaces without compromising your dècor and also they’re offered in any size or shape. Whether you want protective table pads that are square, oblong, rectangle-shaped, round or any kind of other shape, we have a suitable solution for you.

Customize Your Eating Pad

Table pads custom – By filling out your table’s specific measurements, we can produce custom table pads that will perfectly fit even one of the most non-traditionally sized surface areas. We also use a wide variety of color choices on all of our dining-room table pads to ensure there’s something for every single color scheme. Our wood grain tabletop pads are made to create an “invisible look”, meaning your visitors won’t also understand table protection remains in place!

Your Investment is Our Concern

Our table pads have permitted our customers to secure their furniture for years. Supplying superior heat protection and also waterproof vinyl tops, they’re ideal for surface areas ranging from dining tables and also buffets to sideboards as well as servers. Our round table pads are excellent for those looking to safeguard any kind of dimension round table or end table. Mishaps can and will certainly take place, so make sure that your dining collection is well protected with our high-quality table leading pads.


Look into our vast selection of table protectors and also dining room table pads covers right here on our website. Bear in mind, we handcraft every one of our custom-made covers for eating tables to make sure quality in both materials as well as construction!

Safeguard your Buffet or Server

Buffet dining-room table pads are the solution for increasing your off-table offering room. Bear in mind, your lovely sideboard or buffet server is not just for saving china and silverware, it ´ s likewise designed to be a working surface area for entertaining. With buffet table pads on your sideboard, the wood surface area is well protected from spills.

Utilize your buffet for desserts and also coffee after the dish to make sure that visitors can conveniently come back for more. Your sideboard has plenty of room for cake stands and sandwich platters, making it the best offering surface area for special events like showers, teas, and college graduation celebrations.
Add a buffet to your order for extra financial savings table pads custom!
Athena Style table pads (photo above) Saddle vinyl top and Ebony suede-like cloth base table pad round.

Right here are some examples of table pads for dining room table

Ultra Elite Table Pad

– Includes our special, patented MagnaLocs.
– Great dining/ Daily usage.
– Shields delicate finishes and also antiques.
– 1/2″ thick.
– Protects against unintentional heat resources approximately 550 ° F.
– Choice of any type of woodgrain, Featherstone, or solid shade plastic top.
– Choice of Exclusive Breathable Dura-Velvet ™ lower shade.
– Lifetime limited manufacturer service warranty.
– 100% Refund Assurance.

Economic Climate Table Pad

– 1/2 inch thick vs. 1/4 inch competitor pad.
– Occasional usage.
– Secures against unintended warmth sources as much as 550 ° F.
– Bone White top shade and also Eco-friendly base shade.
– 5 Year restricted manufacturer warranty.

Your Table’s 3 Opponents

WARM Warm coffee, casseroles, as well as other warm meals, can permanently mar your table. Acquire a lifetime ensured Pioneer table pad to safeguard your useful table from unexpected warmth damage.
SCRATCHES If left unguarded, your table can be permanently damaged by unintended scrapes. Despite exactly how cautious you are, your table is available in consistent call with products that can scrape its fine surface.
SPILLS Wetness is fine timber furniture’s worst adversary. Water rings and also spots can damage your table’s stunning finish. The easy-care vinyl surface area of a Leader table pad shields against spill as well as tarnish damage.
Building of a Table Pad.

table pads for dining room table cover HANDMADE WITH PRIDE


  • Top Plastic
  • Base Textile
  • Inner Insulation
  • Adhesives
  • The Amount Of Parts Will My Table Pad Come In?
  • How Will My Table Pad Layer?

In nowadays of robotics and also automation, we take satisfaction in the fact that your table pad is custom-made and also handmade the precise very same means as your grandmother’s pad. Our girls cut, snip and also embed similarly table pads have been produced 100 years– with wonderful care.

Folding as well as unraveling the table pad over several years places stress and anxiety on the joints. If the hinges are not constructed effectively, they will break quickly. Pioneer’s table pad joints are handmade for strength and resilience. They will stand up to the test of time and stress and anxiety. What various other market can assure you such quality in this impersonal age?

Every one of our table pads come with a Lifetime Warranty


Vinyl and also Warmth Element

All table pads from all business use vinyl on top, as well as have for 100 years. The vinyl offers two purposes. The first function certainly is to keep any wetness from reaching your table, as well as the second is to prevent any kind of dampness from entering into the insulation.

The density of our Williamsburg Top Quality Table Pad is a real 5/8 ʺ with a 600 ° warm factor. The heat variable is a little bit misunderstood, because if you were to take something directly out of your oven at 600 levels as well as establish it directly on your linen, you would scorch the bed linen, and also a number of secs later on you will melt the top of any kind of table pad cover. So when reading the literary works from custom table pad manufacturing facilities it typically states, “Table pads safeguard tables from unintentional scratches, spills, as well as warm.”.

Thus anything transferred– mashed potatoes in a dish, turkey on a platter, coffee in a cup, soup in a dish– are great to set straight on your table pads; yet if you are holding something with warm gloves that has directly come from the stove, you should use an additional trivet. Not since you will certainly harm the table, however since you won’t want to consciously harm the vinyl top of your table pads.

Over the previous 40 years, we have heard a couple of scary stories, like dropped candle lights setting the linen on fire, centerpieces that have ignited and Sterno mishaps. In all of these different circumstances, the plastic tops of the table pads were messed up, however the table was saved by the truth that the interior of our table pad is 100% insulation.

Vinyl’s Important – No Paperbacks Right here

Just as Sanitas lasts longer than wallpaper, or a cloth-covered book lasts longer than a book, plastic with material support will certainly last much longer than with paper backing. After several years, vinyl plasticizes– that is, it begins to completely dry as well as crack because it is an oil product. You will see an older table pad that, although the vinyl has started to flake, the underlying material support is still holding the table pad cover with each other well table pad round.

Properly created, the fabric backing of your Leader Table Pad will certainly hold far better over an extended period. After all, what you want from a table pad is resilience and longevity. Your dining-room table represents a significant financial investment. The best table pad will certainly make it a treasure.


Test of Time

For 40 years we have utilized velour on the bottom of the table pads for dining room table. The velour, which is extremely soft and velvet-like, has stood the examination of time for toughness, longevity and also long life.

Breathable and Non-Reactive

Because velour is a non-reactive material, you can leave your Table Pad on 100% of the moment and also not worry about your coating.

Environmentally Friendly

All the velour components are entirely environmentally friendly, safe and made in the U.S.A. It is like international table pads.


The inside of our table pad is 100% insulation. We do not make use of any type of strong chip, flake, fiber or core board. We’ve used this same kind of material for 100 years.

Our indoor split construction permits our pad to be versatile and have mercy, so when moving the pad on or off the table it can never gouge or scrape your surface. We haven’t tried to reduce the quality of the pad by shortening the manufacturing procedure.

The strong core boards are much heavier, although our rivals claim lighter. Also, solid core board products are very stiff and also offer no mercy if they are pushed out of form or soak up moisture. If dropped, because of the strength, strong insides tend to just crack or damage.


Our adhesive is the greatest pharmaceutical high quality, made from the very same gelatin-based composition as clear vitamin pills.
This adaptable quality pharmaceutical adhesive consists of various other safe active ingredients such as Epsom salt, sugar, glycerin, and water.
The glycerin in the glue enables flexibility, which consequently helps in the mercy and adaptability of our item.

When the glue dries as well as is established, it will certainly not reactivate or divide. This adhesive is stable approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit and also 30 degrees below no.

Our adhesive is completely eco-friendly, recyclable and non-hazardous to the setting, meeting the most strict ecological guidelines.


Our goal is to keep the flexibility of your table. To do this, we attempt to make your table pads relate to their areas. So if you have a table with placing leaves, we make a big piece for every fifty percent of the primary table and also a separate table pad for each leaf. With this configuration, you will certainly after that have table pads when your table is shut or with the addition of each fallen leave.

But tables in the last 15 years have been getting larger as well as much longer. We currently really typically have to craft custom table pads for dining room table in a lot more areas. In the past, 99% of the oblong tables we made custom table pads for were around 40 × 60 inches, provide or take 5 to 10 inches. The typical round table was 40 to 54 inches in size; occasionally we would see a 60-inch round table pad protector.

Currently, the typical elongate table gauges 80 to 90 inches, and also we see round tables determining 70, 80 or 90 inches.
Subsequently, we currently have to craft these oversized tables in even more sections. Once again, our objective is to maintain your versatility, so if the major table is elongate and also surpasses 80 inches, we have to make the main table in three or occasionally four pieces, depending upon the size and shape of the body of the main table.

Additionally, once the size of a round table exceeds 60 inches, your custom table pads may have to be crafted in three to 8 pad areas. The number of pad pieces will be identified by the size of the round heartland table pads.

The Reason: Table pad firms are restricted by the dimensions of their internal insulation material, plastics, supports and also the roller finish machines. Consequently, we are only with the ability to make these table pad sections so big. Also, if the sections are too large, they become uncontrollable and the product doesn’t last as long as it should.


Today, 90% of table pads are made to fold once like a publication. Keep in mind, our goal is to preserve the adaptability of your table, so we make custom table pads for every half of the main table and a different table pad for each fallen leave. Every one of these pieces will fold up once like a book.

All table pads from all business fold for storage and also delivery. The only exemption would certainly be table pads created a small item like a placemat. This would be made solid, unless requested otherwise.

Nevertheless, because we are limited by our raw materials, sometimes we need to make the table pads for longer tables to fold in thirds, as well as table pads for extremely broad tables have to fold in quarters heartland table pads.

100 years ago, whatever that left our table pad manufacturing facility folded up in quarters. We made table pads in this manner for about three decades. Then the engineering of table pad covers altered. Most table pads were after that made to fold in thirds, except those for really large tables, which still folded in quarters. We did this for the following three decades. Currently, most of the custom table pads that leave table pad factories fold as soon as like a book, except, again, table pads for extremely vast or long tables might have to fold up in thirds or quarters.

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